“I have been using the STEAMHORSE vaporizer for some time now and it is truly amazing. It´s a compact machine, with a comfortable and easy to use design that allows me to introduce a whole bale of hay, which makes it very easy for the user. Also, thanks to the timer I can control the steaming time without the risk of forgetting. A really useful tool indeed, highly recommended for both professionals and amateurs.”

PATRICIO MALDONADOrider and trainer of show jumping horses.



“I’ve always tried to give the best to my horses. After all, they always do the best for me. Providing hay that is completely free of dust and spores gives me the confidence that I´m giving them the best. When you´re engaged in continuous competition it´s necessary be demanding with what we offer to our horses since we depend on their performance.”

MIGUEL BRAVOinternational show jumping rider.

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