1. How long does each STEAMHORSE treatment take?

Once the hay is in place, each treatment takes about 45 minutes, depending on the density of the load to be steamed. It is advisable to experiment in the fist session to find the ideal steaming time as it does not take the same amount of when using highly compressed hay bales compared to loose hay or hay in nets.

2. How to place the hay in the STEAMHORSE?

STEAMHORSE can accommodate a standard full hay bale, loose forage or hay distributed in nets, the result being totally renewed hay, free of dust and spores, fungi and other harmful particles, with a high degree of dampness and freshness.


3. Do I have to fill the steam generator to the maximum?

It will depend on the amount of hay to be steamed. To larger the quantity of hay, the more water that will be used. It is not necessary to fill the boiler for a single cycle.


4. Does the exterior of the container warm up?

The arc is made of the finest quality materials and can resist the highest temperatures. The built-in thermometer is visible from the exterior. It will indicate a temperature of around 80 º C, equivalent to 100º C inside the bale.


5. Can I use then the forage, once treated?

Hay can be used immediately after steaming. It is ideal to use it while hot although this does not prevent its use once cold, as the harmful particles are completely removed from the forage.



The new design of the diffusers penetrates the hay bale, applying a steam jet from the interior at 16 different points, obtaining better and more homogeneous diffusion of the steam. The direction of the steam, from inside to out, reaches every last corner of the bale.

The diffusers that access the bale from the bottom and top, manage to sterilize the very last portion of the bale, something not obtained by other systems.


7. How does the sterilization of hay work?

The high temperatures produced by the steam (100ºC) over a period of 45 minutes increase the heat and humidity of the hay, getting rid of spores, dust and other bacteria that the hay may contain.


8. Why use steam instead of soaking?

The use of steam can eliminate 100% of harmful spores in forage, while soaking only removes nutrients necessary for the health of your horse.


9. Does STEAMHORSE give the ideal hay for the feeding of the horse?

Using STEAMHORSE removes the dust in the hay and reduces the risk of contracting diseases as the leptospirosis, eliminating bacteria transmitted by other animals (mice, cats, foxes, dogs, etc.) that can seriously affect the health of our horse. The result is totally renewed hay, free of dust, fungal spores with a sweet and pleasant flavour that makes it more attractive and palatable even to fussy eating horses.

10. Can I store the hay that has been steam treated?

It should not be stored for long periods. Ideally it should be used on the day of treatment or at most within 24 hours, checking in advance that it has not become dry. If it is dry moisten it with water to refresh the hay.

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