Clinical Analysis

The results obtained after the treatment of hay with STEAMHORSE are truly amazing. This is certified by independent food testing laboratory Ozer de Leon, who after several tests and procedures concluded that, after using the STEAMHORSE treatment for 45 minutes, the number of spores is reduced to zero.

For testing, various types of hay containing the most common species were prepared Asperguillus spp, Mucor spp, Penicillium spp, Rhizopus spp and Fusarium spp.

The viable spores of mildews and yeasts were totally annihilated during the steam treatment at 100ºC during 45 minutes and the latent ones do not reappear, even after 40 hours. The analysed samples prove it.

For the procedure, the samples were sowed and incubated in OGYE (Orthotetracycline Glucosa Yeast Extract Agar) at 25ºC for five days without detecting the presence of spores either during the first analysis after the STEAMHORSE treatment, nor after the seeding realized at 16 hours; in some samples there are small amounts at 40 hours after spraying.

Parallel to these analytical samples the same samples of hay underwent autoclaving at 121º C for 25 minutes, yielding broadly similar results.

The recommendation as a result of this report is to give horses the hay treated with STEAMHORSE within a period not exceeding 36 hours, during which the reappearance of latent spores has not been detected.


Before the treatment                    Newly treated                          To 40h. the treatment
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