Steamhorse helps prevent respiratory problems in your horse


Spores are intrinsic in the hay and we cannot identify them with poor quality hay, as even the best of hay has a large number of them. Exposure to dust during harvest, transport or storage, mites and spores can damage your horse’s respiratory system. Steaming hay with STEAMHORSE ensures that all these harmful agents disappear completely from the feed, preventing the damage that could be caused to the respiratory system of your beloved companion.


Preserves the nutritional value of hay

STEAMHORSEA common practice to remove dust from hay and to swell their spores so they do not affect the airways of the horse is to soak it in water for hours. Unfortunately this is not really true, since the size of the spores most commonly found in hay is not altered by contact with water. The hay is generally placed in large tubs of water for at least five hours, and in this way loses much of its nutritional value, such as essential vitamins and minerals. Using STEAMHORSE however, like the cooking with steam, ensures that forage quality remains intact, retaining the initial nutritional values and providing a natural and balanced diet for your horse.


Healthy respiratory systems

A clean respiratory system is essential for a healthy horse. Without it, the horse’s ability to work effectively will be drastically reduced, preventing the lungs from providing adequate oxygen to the body’s needs.

Wherever we go, air contains harmful particles that can become a problem for your horse, if his respiratory system is hypersensitive to a particular substance and it becomes allergic to their presence in the environment.


Dust and spores lodged in the hay are the most common allergen for horses as they are able to enter via the air and cause irritation and coughing which becomes more serious over time.

The complete elimination of these spores with STEAMHORSE allows disease remission and may help prevent development in cases where they do not have symptoms. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to administer appropriate medication to the horse, but STEAMHORSE help prevent disease development, achieving an environment free of dust and allergens.

The ideal thing would be have our horses outside 24 hours a day, but in real life it is almost impossible, so we must find the best solutions to avoid the appearance of diseases. Since it is our obligation to procure the best possible care.


Save more money


When the hay is put to soak, vitamins and minerals are lost in the water must be replaced in the diet of his horse with expensive supplements. Using STEAMHORSE however you get the maximum nutritional value without additional cost supplements. It will help prevent respiratory diseases in your horse, avoiding unnecessary visits to your veterinarian.

If you use henolage, you will have seen that it is an easy to handle product that offers the security of providing uniform hay throughout the season. It is free of dust, but not spores, and is sometimes too strong for horses that require a poorer diet, either for health reasons or simply during a rest period. You will also have seen its high cost compared to traditional hay and in many cases it is difficult to obtain information on the haverst.


It helps to reduce the environmental damage

STEAMHORSEThe water used in treating steamed hay, contaminates significantly less than that used for soaking. Vitamins and minerals expelled when soaked increase the biological oxygen demand of the water removed. What´s more, to soak an entire container of hay may use up to 150 litres of water, while using STEAMHORSE need just 3 litres of water per bale, approximately.


Easy to use

STEAMHORSE is incredibly easy to use. Simply place a bale of hay inside the arc, fill the steam generator with water and turn it on. You will see that it is much more convenient, fast and effective than soaking the hay yourself.


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